Wound Care

Wound care and treatment are crucial to prevent serious complications. Without appropriate care, wounds can lead to severe infections like cellulitis or sepsis.

The initial weeks are critical for ensuring proper wound care management. If the wound is deep or not healing correctly, 24-hour care may be necessary to assess and treat the wound adequately. This is particularly vital if underlying health conditions could impact the healing process.

Wound care is a multi-step process that is essential when considering treatment options. Knowing what this care entails is beneficial.

Factors That Influence Wound Healing
Improperly healing wounds may be due to underlying issues, such as health conditions, medications, treatments, and lifestyle factors. Healthcare professionals will evaluate these factors before determining a wound care treatment plan.

Health Issues
Chronic health problems can impair your body's healing capabilities. Treatment facilities must manage these issues to facilitate proper healing.

Issues that can hinder wound healing include:

- Diabetes
- Cancer
- Pulmonary disease
- Heart conditions
- Thyroid problems
- Gastrointestinal diseases

Sharing all health conditions with healthcare providers is crucial to receive optimal treatment.

Medications and Treatments
Medications and treatments can also impede wound healing. Chemotherapy and radiation can weaken the body's defenses, potentially halting wound healing.

Medications like steroids or anti-inflammatory drugs may also interfere with wound care. It is essential to inform the healthcare facility of all medications and treatments being used.

Lifestyle Factors
Habits and lifestyle choices can significantly affect wound healing, a factor often overlooked by many.

Our Wound Clinic specializes in treating complicated wounds that require a specialized assessment and plan of care. Our wound care team will examine and measure your wound, evaluate blood flow to the area, factor in comorbidities, and create a customized treatment plan to begin the healing process in your wound. Scheduling is available Monday through Friday if needed, but many patients require treatments only 2 or 3 times weekly. If you have any questions regarding wounds or wound care, please feel free to contact us at 854-2241, ext 2878.