Nursing Unit @MMH

Welcome to the MMH Nursing Unit

The MMH Nursing Unit delivers care to patients under the nursing team's supervision, which includes a 24/7 ER provider, case manager, and unit secretary, ensuring continuous communication with clinic providers for optimal care. Whether you've undergone surgery, suffered a serious illness, or visited the ER, the nursing staff will oversee your care plan until you're ready to go home. Acute care involves active, short-term treatment for severe injuries, episodes of illness, urgent medical conditions, or post-surgical recovery.

The range of providers includes admissions personnel for scheduled procedures, emergency room staff for urgent cases, and extends to surgeons, nurses, and support staff, encompassing roles from housekeeping to dietary services. Non-clinical staff also encompasses billing and additional post-care support.

Care services provided include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Other care types encompass wound care, IV antibiotic therapy, pain management, and treatments mandated by physicians for various conditions like cardiac issues, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, or hypertension. This care may also involve short-term, post-surgical support where patients stay in the facility rather than visiting for treatment.

Swing Bed Service

For instances where a patient cannot return home and requires further assistance, we offer a Swing Bed service that includes palliative care for those nearing life's end. These, along with other post-acute services, can be administered within a facility or as outpatient treatment at the patient's home.

Ongoing Staffing Plan

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