A poster with an image of a person getting their blood drawn.

Welcome to the MMH Lab!

Melissa Memorial Hospital Laboratory Services offers a wide range of tests that support healthcare providers in diagnosing health issues. Laboratory tests contribute to up to 70% of medical diagnoses.

These tests empower doctors and specialists to detect a variety of health conditions and diseases.

Test results are crucial for physicians to determine if a cancer is in remission, to find out cholesterol levels, to examine tissues removed during surgery, to diagnose ailments like strep throat in children, and much more.

Usually, your healthcare provider will suggest additional blood work to verify their diagnosis. For chronic conditions or diseases such as diabetes, we provide Direct Access Testing (DAT) every Friday, featuring a selection of tests at discounted prices.

The MMH Lab is Open Monday-Friday,
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please Call Ahead to Schedule an Employment Drug Screen.
CALL (970) 854-2241

A woman is getting her blood drawn by a doctor.