Physical Therapy

How can Physical Therapy help me?

Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, often involves exercises, massages, and treatments using physical stimuli like heat, cold, electrical currents, or ultrasound. Its goal is to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and fortify weakened muscles.

Physical therapy (PT) aids in managing movement and alleviating pain for individuals with various conditions, including neurological disorders and injuries from trauma. Physical therapists assess and implement strategies to improve a patient's physical capabilities.

The objectives of physical therapists include enhancing an individual's range of motion, quality of life, and preventing further injury or disability.

Physical therapists assist patients throughout the healing process, from the initial diagnosis through the restorative and preventive stages of recovery. Physical therapy might be the sole treatment or it might complement other therapies.

Patients may be referred to physical therapists by doctors or may seek therapy on their own.

As per the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, physical therapists are trained to:

- Perform physical examinations and evaluations of a person's movement, flexibility, muscle and joint motion, and overall performance, which includes reviewing their health history.
- Provide a clinical diagnosis, prognosis, and a care plan with short- and long-term objectives.
- Administer physical therapy treatments and interventions.
- Offer self-management recommendations, such as exercises for home practice.

In addition to manual therapy, physical therapy treatments can include:

- Iontophoresis: This technique uses electrical currents to administer medications like topical steroids, reducing inflammation.
- Electrical stimulation (e-stim): There are two main types of e-stim. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation lessens pain, while neuromuscular electrical stimulation aims to activate muscle motor units to enhance muscle function.
- Heat, moist heat, and cold therapy: These modalities are used to treat various conditions.