The Londa Wernet Bradford Cancer Center

The Londa Wernet Bradford Cancer Center (LWBCC) began serving patients in March 2020. This project was in the works for almost two years and has involved many hours of hard work from many dedicated individuals and groups. We are proud to bring this service line to our area and offer the opportunity to meet the needs of our community “in their own backyard”.
Londa was a former MMH employee and worked primarily as a receptionist in physical therapy.

Marissa Bussell, RN

Chemotherapy Certified Nurse
Chemo 2

Thanks to:

  • Nancy Colglazier for all her time and passion for making this cancer center a reality!
  • Cindy Lock, RN, classmate to Londa, and Chemotherapy Certified RN with over 30 years of experience as a chemotherapy nurse, has worked tirelessly to bring this project to our community.
  • Marissa Bussell for her passion for oncology and ability to service our community by getting her chemotherapy certification!
  • Creative Traditions Sew Caring group for the handmade quilts created for each patient!
  • Combine efforts of our Ty & Patty Wernet and 200 attendants and community members of MMHF 9th Annual Legacy Event.

Major donors:

  • Ty & Patty Wernet
  • MMHF 9th Annual Legacy Event
  • $75,000
  • $80,000
  • Name rights
  • Combine efforts of 200 attendants and community members

Donations left specifically to chemo project:

Sagehorn Family                                                        $5,000
Sharon Lett                                                                  $1,300
Donna Oliver                                                               $1,000

“Londa faced multiple myeloma for 13 years.She remained her beautiful, loving, spirited self throughout and
confronted the disease with resolve, perseverance, and grace.”
~Brad Bradford~