Specialty Clinic Dates

Febuary 2017   Specialty Clinic Schedule D A Y D A T E
NCMC Neurology Clinic
                     Dr. Hager  (970-810-5612) Wednesday 22nd
                             FAX #(970-810-5619)
Pulmonology:  North CO Pulmonary & Critical Care Center
                    Michael Shedd, MD (854-2241 ext 2116)* Wednesday and Tuesday 1st and 21st
COAG (Coumadin Clinic):
Deaun Carpenter ( 854-2500)* Wednesday 8th,15th and 22nd
Audiology:  Columbine Audiology
Dr. Hilary Wisdom (970-522-8622) Friday 24th
Fax #(888-247-6747)
Cardiovascular Institute
James Beckmann, MD (800-845-4411)* Tuesday 7th
 John Drury, MD (970-526-8181) FAX #(970-526-8178) Tuesday 14th, 28th
Julie Levy, M.Ed., RD, LMNT (854-2241 ext 2116)* Wednesday 8th and 22nd
Dermatology:Asarch Center
        Dr. Richard Asarch & Dr. Adam Asarch (303-761-7797)
                                            FAX #(303) 789-2995
OB-Gyn:Sterling Women’s Care
                        Sidney Adler, MD (970-526-8100) Tuesday 7th and 21st
Arnold Cullum, DDS (854-2241 ext 2116)* Monday 20th
Michael Hajek, MD (854-2241 ext 2116)* Wednesday 15th
Dr. Justin Newman (854-2241 ext 2116)* Tuesday 14th
                Dr. James Yakel (854-2241 ext 2116)* Tuesday 21st
                    Dr. Michael Stone (970-347-5780) Friday 24th
Fax #(970-347-5997)
James Schiefen, DO  (854-2241 ext 2116)* Thursday 2nd,9th,16th and 23rd
Urology:  North Colorado Urology, PC
James Wolach, MD (970-378-1000)* Wedneday 1st
Fax #(970-378-1899