The Patient Portal is your secure Internet-based gateway enabling you access to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR).   This website will allow you access to custom, tailored content so you have access to what you need…          when you need it.


Why a Patient Portal?

This solution has been implemented to provide an alternate method for you to access your medical information and so you may communicate with your Provider without traveling to the hospital.  In many cases, messages through the portal will get to your Provider sooner than making a phone call to the clinic.  At this time, you will be able to leave a message for your provider and request medication refills via the Patient Portal.


How to access the Patient Portal?

Ask your registration person or nurse at your next visit or call 970-854-2241 Ext.100 and request that you be set up with access to the Patient Portal.  We will ensure your email address is passed on to the proper team member to create your account and setup your access.  Once your account is setup you will receive an email with instructions detailing how you can access the Portal.


What to expect on the Patient Portal?

When you first sign up and login to the portal, your medical history will not be populated from past visits.  You will, however, have access to all new care plans, laboratory results, and medication information moving forward from that point and into the future.  If you would like past medical content from your EMR uploaded into your Patient Portal, you will need to come into the hospital or clinic and let a team member know what information you would like uploaded; you may also contact the Patient Portal team at 970-854-2241 Ext.100 and request to have specific medical information uploaded.  Again, once you are signed up, your medical information from that point forward will populate automatically to your account.


What support is available for the Patient Portal?

You must have an active email address and internet access to register for access to the Patient Portal; we will be unable to assist you, if you do not have these things already in place.  We will provide any assistance you may need in logging into the site and navigating the Patient Portal.






For help or questions regarding the Patient Portal at Melissa Memorial Hospital, please call 970-580-2241 Ext.100 or email  or try the pop-up link below for enrollment and Log-in assistance.