“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and increase community generosity
in the community served by Melissa Memorial Hospital”



2019 MMHF Board of Directors

Paula Carper,  President  970.520.5426                                                 Brady Ring 970.580.9118

Jessie Ruiz Jr., Secretary  970.466.1116                                                  Tiffany Weber 970.520.2617

Sue Razo  970.854.2241                                                                              Tina Looka 719.342.0564

Kim O’Neill 480.577.6691                                                                           Harry Kinnie 719.659.2484 (not pictured yet)

Kay Harmon  970.308.4383                                                                        Nancy Colglazier, Executive Director  970.580.2238                                                                                                                                    




10th Annual Legacy Event – Saturday, February 8, 2020


Legacy of Thanks – Sunday, November 8, 2020



** Making a Donation **

You may bring your gift to MMH and give it to the admissions office in the entrance of MMH or mail it to:
1001 East Johnson Street
Holyoke, Colorado  80734
(Please make your check payable to MMHF)

A plaque will be added to our donor wall if the memorials add up to $1,000 or more.  Thank you for thinking of the MMH Foundation and Melissa Memorial Hospital.  We are honored by your gift.


The Melissa Memorial Hospital Foundation is honored to have received memorials in memory of the following individuals:

Jim Fisher

Jeanette Hinde

Velma Wettstein

Thelma Huntington

Bud Fulton

Winona Rouze

Elton and Eunice Oltjenbruns

Charlotte Worley Schmidt

Mrs. Clyde B. Worley

Bryce C. Worley

Darrell and Shirley Smith

Esther Hendrix

Donna Oliver

James (Jim) Muths

Stanley Willmon

Bob Timm

Charla Berry

and Jim Comer

The 10th Annual MMHF Legacy Event


Jes-C French, The Holyoke Enterprise

Phillips County Event Center

 Below are levels of commitment for the 2020 MMHF Legacy Event.

$500 Sponsorship “Supporter

$1,000 Sponsorship “Corporate Sponsor”

$1,200 Table of 8 Sponsor

$1,500 Table of 10 Sponsor

$5,000 Sponsorship

$10,000 Sponsorship

$150 Dinner Seat

Donation for an auction item

Auction Item


For more information, contact any board member or

Nancy Colglazier, MMHF Executive Director,
970.854.2241 ext. 2048 / 970.580.2238 ,

♦ ♦ ♦

Themes from previous years are:

2011-Mardi Gras

2012-Western Splendor

2013-Roaring 20’s

2014-Run for the Roses

2015-James Bond 007

2016-Romance in Venice

2017- Titanic Grandeur

2018-Night On Broadway

2019-Southern Charm

2020-A Decade of Legacy

Legacy of Thanks

The MMHF Legacy of Thanks was held on Sunday, November 3rd in the Family Practice of Holyoke clinic waiting room. A light lunch was held prior to the celebration program in the cafeteria and main lobby.  Nearly 100 community members were present to honor the donors, volunteers, medical professionals and staff, and scholarship recipients. 

Thank you to those who joined to celebrate the day together!

 “MMHF Award Honorees of 2019”

Outstanding Adult Volunteer –Linda Alberts

Making A Difference —  Lauren Bergner, Holyoke High School senior

Outstanding Business – Bank of Colorado and branch president Brian Gales were honored as Outstanding Business

MMH “Angel” – Sue Razo, MMH Dietary Manager

Outstanding Youth – Holyoke FFA

Outstanding Philanthropist – Gayln Einspahr

♦ ♦ ♦

“Loved Ones Honored through MMHF and MMH”  

November 2018 – November 2019

Charla Berry     Greg Chandler     Shirley Claymon      Jim Comer     Jerry Cox   

Don Fisher           Don Hewitt     Jean Houston   Duane Meinte     Delmer Moss     

Donna Oliver     Elton & Eunice Oltjenbruns     Dale O’Neal     John Powell     

Connie (Prottsman) Saunders     Randy Schafer     Alice Schneider     

Darrell & Shirley Smith     Frances (Alberts) Smith     Stan Willmon

Please read The Holyoke Enterprise article for further details:


♦ ♦ ♦

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

Melissa Memorial Hospital Foundation has awarded seven scholarships for the 2019-20 school year.
Kaylee Camblin is the recipient of the Charla Berry Memorial Scholarship and will attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Grace Dille is the recipient of the Legacy Scholarship and is attending Dordt University in Sioux Center, Iowa. Savannah Burris received the Winona Rouze Nursing Scholarship and will attend the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

The foundation has awarded over $30,000 in scholarships since 2004.


Click here for the Holyoke Enterprise Story (link)

“MMH Patient Room Designation”

  MMH has 7 of the 11 patient rooms spoken for through donors generosity  The first 6 rooms were designated during the fundraising campaign for the new hospital back in 2008.   A patient room designation is a $25,000 donation through the foundation for MMH. The donor is entitled to have a special plaque on the wall by the room door with their chosen honorees and the donor’s name. A 7th plaque will be added in the near future by the donors Ty and Patty Wernet.

If you are interested in reserving an MMH patient room for your loved ones, please contact Nancy Colglazier at 970.854.2241 ext. 2048 or 970.580.2238.

♦ ♦ ♦

Room designations are as follows:

Room 1:

   In honor and memory of our parents,

Gerald and Fae Lindgren

Dale and Marjorie Colglazier

and our children,

Nicholas, Andrew, and Megan

and their families

With eternal love,

Harvey and Nancy Colglazier


Room 2.

In loving memory of the Angels of the North

Lena Saylor    Violet Trego     John Howland        Irene Orcutt
Ester Fauk    Red Sullivan     
Frances Beal    Frances Oliver    Vivian Howland   Eileen Mattson

For you, who are now receiving cancer treatments, are so honored to walk through this passage-way to receive the blessings of the men and women who preceded you on this journey.  They are the brave souls who were willing to make sacrifices.  The knowledge that has been gained from these individuals has helped to create miracles for you who now follow in their footsteps. May you be joyous to celebrate your renewal of radiant health and vitality for years to come.


Room 3.

The Family of

Vern & Opal Kramer

Roger & Mary Beth Kramer

Joanne & Russell Wieland

Garry & Tina Kramer

Joyce & Ray Malleck

Randy & Karina Kramer

Byron & Kim Kramer


Room 4.

In honor of my Mother, Hazel Alberts

For her many loving years of service to

Melissa Memorial Hospital.

Peggy Bennet


Room 5.

In loving memory Of

LaVon James Scholl


Room 6.

In honor and memory of

Boyce and Yvonne Wernet

LaDonna Wernet

Londa Wernet Bradford

With our deepest love,

admiration, and God’s Blessing

Ty and Patty Wernet


Room 11.

Kenneth & Alois Heermann




The Melissa Memorial Hospital Foundation is very pleased to announce that the foundation has met their first goal for the MMHF Legacy Campaign 2016!  The foundation has committed to the EPCHD Board of Directors to raise $300,000 from 2016-2018 with $100,000 raised each of these 3 years.  The foundation raised $102,541.30 this past year!  We also have pledges to be paid in the next two years equaling $8,910.08 by the end of 2018.

Thank you so very much for your part in helping us meet this first goal!  Every dollar helps us reach a goal this size, no matter whether it is $10 or $5,000. First of all, THANK YOU to the MMH Staff who have committed to the MMHF Legacy Campaign 2016 through the MMH Payroll Deduction Plan.  We appreciate their support tremendously! The staff believes in the good things that are happening at their hospital, our hospital. Thank you also to everyone who supports us throughout the year with donations or for our main fundraiser, the MMHF Annual Legacy Event. What a wonderful way to support our projects by attending the legacy events with the donor having a wonderful evening right in Holyoke while donating to a great cause.

We have begun a new year in raising $100,000 and would appreciate your consideration of helping us meet the 2017 goal. All donors are invited to take advantage of the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit through NECALG. If you would like more information talk to your accountant or financial advisor about the Enterprise Zone or stop by the MMHF Office at MMH.


On behalf of the Melissa Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors,

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us surpass our 2016 goal!

Honoring and Remembering Loved Ones

The MMH Foundation is honored to receive monetary donations in honor of and in memory of loved ones and friends.  Your loved one will be remembered at our Legacy of Thanks and their name will be placed in our memorial book at Melissa Memorial Hospital.  You may designate where you want your donation to go or allow the board to make that decision.


Enterprise Zone Benefits

MMHF is a designated entity for the enterprise zone through Northeastern Colorado Association of Colorado Governments. You may receive a 25% tax credit on your Colorado state taxes. Contact your accountant, your financial advisor, or the executive director for more information. Make your check payable to MMHF/NECALG if you wish to utilize this tax benefit.