CEO Update

CEO Update


July 27th marked my 6th month on the job serving you all as the MMH CEO.  This time has really flown by, but the adage of “time flies while having fun” definitely applies.  As we look for ways to increase communication and transparency within MMH, this blog will be a tool for that area.  I plan on making this very informal, and try to include information, education, communication that is pertinent to what is going on in our organization, town, region, state and country.  It may be an off the wall topic not even pertaining to any of the above.

One topic that is worth sharing is the construction project…will it ever be finished?  I know at least for myself…it cannot be done soon enough.  There really is no any one thing that is causing the overrun in delays.  It is a combination of weather, sub-contractors no showing, not enough manpower, window delays, wrong parts ordered, and even one point we had to ask a sub-contractor to leave due to inappropriate behavior.  It all adds up.  We have “turned up the heat” on the Neenan Company, the general contractor, and they have responded with more manpower.  However, my philosophy is that speed=shoddy work, however, it is now time to ensure this gets done.


I really appreciate all of the sacrifices that everyone have made in order to expand and increase the age of our physical buildings.  We are fortunate that we can do this kind of project.  There are some hospitals in Colorado that are facing hard decisions…the state has ruled that their buildings are unsafe, but they do not have the money to rectify or upgrade their facilities.

On a side note…Dr. Chalam starts this coming Monday, and we are very excited to have him on-board!

I hope that you all have a great weekend!