CEO message: Focus

CEO message: Focus

I am very proud of the team that we have here at MMH.  I care deeply for all of you, and truly want you to be the best you can be in your life.  This includes your personal life, family life and professional life.  The best way to be successful in all phases is to do a self inventory, decide on your end result, set goals, and focus on achieving those goals.

However, without focusing on said goals, they are just that…goals that never get fulfilled.  In our professional lives, this is very true.  Though, sometimes goals are set for us, these goals still need to be met for the bigger picture of achieving the organizational mission.  The MMH mission is a “healthy community in which there is efficient, quality medical care within available resources”.

This statement should be at the forefront of each of our minds when it comes to everything we do for our patients, colleagues and constituents.  We should ensure our “community is healthy” by keeping infection rates low, prevent re-admissions, see patients in a timely fashion, preventing harm.

We should provide “efficient, quality medical care”, this focuses on efficiency…we should ensure efficiency of our billing and collection processes, delivery of patient care in our clinic, timely medication fills in our pharmacy (coming to you soon!), fast results in radiology, etc.

This should all be done within available resources.  This statement is a very important statement.  Without all of the above, we will not have any resources available to us.  Healthcare is a vital piece of survival of rural communities; without it communities fail to thrive, and usually die off.  While this is a harsh thought, it is the reality that we all face.

All of these things require focus…



Focusing on the task at hand, and not what everyone else around you is doing…



When you have a laser focus…good things happen


Thank you for all of your hard work for making MMH an amazing place..let’s focus together in making MMH the healthcare provider of choice and employer of choice.