Who We Are:

Holyoke Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) serves a large part of eastern Phillips County, including but not limited to, the towns of Holyoke, Paoli, and Amherst. HEMS is providing our residents with full 9-1-1 emergency medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the most modern equipment and procedures available in the industry. Our combination of full time and part time staff consists of ten emergency medical technicians (EMT), five paramedics, four registered nurses (RN), and six first responders, all who are highly trained in prehospital trauma and medical care for our citizens in their time of need. Our providers are dedicated to serving the community and are experts in providing compassionate care with a high priority in keeping our patients safe and comfortable during our time with them.

Call 911:

Holyoke EMS is the prehospital component of eastern Phillips County’s healthcare network.  We are a part of Melissa Memorial Hospital and are an extension of the Emergency Department (ED). The care provided to our patients is the same initial care they would receive in the emergency room. In order for our citizens and visitors to access this prehospital care, they will have to call 911.

Calling 9-1-1 will place the caller in contact with the Phillips County Communications Center.  The dispatcher will then page out the appropriate emergency responders.  Please have ready specific information for the dispatch operator regarding the nature of the emergency, who is calling or involved, and location of the emergency.  Residents that do not have their addresses clearly labeled will also have to give directions.  Not having proper address identification will always prolong our rapid response as it decreases our ability to identify the correct location.

When EMS Arrives:

When we arrive on the scene, we will ask many questions.  Our crews are trying to assess the situation and get a full understanding of the nature of the emergency.  Simultaneously, our crews will initiate definitive, lifesaving care. Often-times we will provide the same treatment that would be given in the emergency room.  We understand that time is a critical factor but, rest assured, care is being provided by our dedicated and experienced providers.

National EMS Week and EMS Day for children:

The third week in May is always a week of celebrating our prehospital services.

  • K-3 grade coloring contest with a chance to ride to school in an ambulance.
  • K-5 classroom presentations of our equipment and ambulances by our staff.
  • Field Day experience with our decontamination tent which is a fun, watery experience.

Recent Projects/Activities:

  • We are continuing efforts to add a third ambulance.
  • Annual Holyoke EMS Golf Tournament fundraising for community projects.
  • More exciting events coming soon!

Questions or Comments: Contact Brady Ring Director Holyoke EMS (970) 580-9118

Top Row (left to right): Kellie Race, Lizde Lopez, and Jay Raines
Middle Row (left to right): Lane Looka, Anita Lengfelder, Shanda McAllister, Sheila Robinson, John Durbin,
Bryan Pippitt, and Cindy Wilber.
Front Row (left to right): Brady Ring, Mikey Raffaeli, Ashley Pippitt, Jordan Bernard, & Ana Olivas.




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